About Anna Bianchetti Cosy Wellness Collection

Hello, dear readers!

A warm welcome to the Cosy Chronicles, an intimate narrative of my nutty, unorthodox life. You may notice that posts here take the epistolary form (i.e. diary and journal entries). Normally, I’m snug as a hobbit in her hole away from civilsocialization and never this uninhibited, but I’m exploring something new–and no, I’m not referring to the Bel Paese this time, but to cosy wellness. I hope my entries make you laugh, I hope they make you cry, but mostly I hope they leave you feeling a trifle warmer and a trifle more well.




On the subject of cosy, you may be wondering,

“What is cosy wellness?” And,

“Why ‘cosy’ (British English) and not ‘cozy’ (American English)?”

Wonder not, inquisitive one, the answers are here!

Anna Cosy Wellness Collection